DBS Business Systems is a software development and systems integration consultancy, specialising in mobile/web-applications development, with a strong but not exclusive focus on SAP.

We are based in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand, from where we serve clients all over the world.

We have been in business for over 15 years and some of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years. We put that down to our core values, which closely reflect the NZ way of doing things:

  • Designing and building systems which really work.
  • Putting our clients' business requirements and users’ needs first.
  • Being willing to solve problems which others find too hard.
  • Making the most of limited resources by getting on with what matters.
  • Responding quickly and effectively to support requests.
  • Considering the whole business process.
  • Building modular, scalable software which can be adapted and used in different scenarios.
  • Reducing software maintenance costs by investing in reliability.

Our Products and Services

We have a very diverse portfolio, but we excel at four things in particular:

SAP EPC (Enterprise Project Connection) Implementation

EPC is a tool provided by SAP to allow their clients to integrate SAP Project System and Plant Maintenance with external project scheduling software, specifically Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project.

In our capacity as the development partner and local office of Competitive Edge International, we have been implementing SAP EPC since version 1.0 was first released in 2010.


We are the development team behind CEI’s EPC Synchronization Manager, a tool which adds essential features and capabilities such as Process Management, Data Alignment, Transfer Preview and Performance Optimization to the out-of-the-box SAP EPC product.


Click here to read the EPC Synchronization Manager Product Overview.

As members of the CEI team, we use CEI’s proven implementation methodology to deliver fixed price EPC projects within agreed time-frames and without scope creep.

With implementations on every continent and being the people SAP themselves call on to help with EPC implementations for their clients, we believe CEI have earned the right to be considered the world’s leading experts in SAP EPC implementation.

SAP Systems Integration with Adobe ColdFusion

Our business was formed by a group of SAP Consultants and Developers who wanted to operate independently, using requirements-driven software development methodologies in conjunction with third party web development tools to provide genuine value from SAP.

We discovered a perfect fit between Adobe ColdFusion - known for rapid development, user-friendly front ends and ease of integration with diverse back ends - and SAP - the undisputed leader in Enterprise Resource Planning.


In the early 2000s we built one of the first ever web front-ends to SAP, covering Projects, Purchasing and Sales, and have gone on to build a number of portals and web sites that integrate real-time with SAP.

Along the way we have built up a serious track record in interfacing with SAP Project System, Plant Maintenance, Purchasing, Finance and Sales. This expertise surfaces in a variety of other contexts, especially interfacing with third party project management tools (see above).

Back to ColdFusion: We initially used a third party tool to connect with SAP but after experiencing support issues we built a better SAP/ColdFusion integration product which we market worldwide as CF2SAP. With CF2SAP any Adobe ColdFusion web developer can integrate SAP information into a ColdFusion web page in a few simple lines of code. CF2SAP lets you build user-friendly web pages and workflows that take the complexity out of using SAP for your end users.

Click here for more information about integrating SAP with ColdFusion using CF2SAP.

Web and Mobile Applications Development

We have a large and diverse portfolio of enterprise-level web applications and portals which we have built for various clients. Mostly these are intranet or extranet applications which allow secure access to corporate information and participation in workflows for employees, contractors, clients and suppliers.

DBS Portal

Although very varied in terms of what they do, these applications are all built on a common security and navigation framework which we refer to as the DBS Business Portal.

Within that are several application modules such as CRM, Job Tracking and Financials and a high-volume high-performance B2B Job Processing engine which manages large scale information flows to and from other systems. These modules allow us to build highly customised systems for your unique or specialised business needs while using tried and proven modules for common processes. That leads to faster implementation and richer functionality from the word Go with lower risk.

Integration with SAP is of course available through CF2SAP.

More recently we have added mobile apps capabilities using Adobe Phonegap, all integrated to the back end system through the portal’s security layer.

Mobile Job Tracking Systems

The DBS Job Tracking Suite allows you to create jobs, assign them to your workforce and dispatch the jobs to their Apple or Android mobile devices.

DBS Tradesman

The worker then uses the App to update status on the job (started, completed, on hold), decline the job or request another trade, add lines for invoicing purposes, enter comments and upload photos.

The Apps are typically used in industries such as Property Maintenance, to improve performance on maintenance contracts. Mobile QA and Scoping Apps are also available. Back-end functionality includes reporting and invoicing of the jobs.

A specialist version is available for Housing NZ Maintenance Contractors which includes an interface with the Housing NZ data feed that is fully compliant with the 2014 Housing NZ Performance Based Maintenance Contract (PBMC) Contractor Interface Specification.

DBS Job Tracker

DBS Job Tracking Suite is available as Software As A Service (SAAS) meaning you don't have to install any hardware or systems.

Please contact us for more information.